Tuesday, 6 November 2007

He fixed the car!

So, sometimes Laniña just babbles still, though increasingly it´s becoming clearer that some of what I can´t yet understand her saying is nevertheless an attempt to say something.

A couple of days ago, in the car, she said "wa wa wa wo coche" with definite emphasis on coche, meaning car, since that´s a word she has known for ages and knows well. So this was definitely some sort of sentence; I wondered what it meant...

She repeated it a few times, getting increasingly sure of what she was saying, while I became increasingly baffled - suddenly, just as she seemed about to give up, the penny dropped:

"OH, ha arreglado el coche" (What on earth? That mean´s He´s fixed the car)(!)
"¡SÍ, ha arreglado el coche!" Ana was delighted about this, and said it again a couple of times more, to make sure I got the point.

But really, where did that come from; was that really what she was saying? And it dawned upon me that, when she had first said it (it had taken me quite a while to catch on), we had in fact been passing by the garage, where the man had, indeed, fixed the car.

I guess I must have mentioned it, and somehow it just came back to her as we were passing! I chat over all sorts of random stuff when I´m with here, repeating myself a lot I guess, since my vocabularly would be more limited than that of a native speaker of Spanish. So it looks like my random chat is good - some of it sticks!


mthompson828@yahoo.com said...

Just wanted to thank you for your great blog. I too am raising my son in non-native spanish, and it is helpful to see what others a bit "ahead" of me are doing. I'm looking forward to more adventures of Laniña :)

rocinante said...

thanks for the encouragement! sorry the blog has been so infrequent recently - we've been potty training: what an adventure!!

laniña has had quite a language explosion recently - mostly in english, i´m afraid. i´ll blog about it soon.