Saturday, 8 December 2007

¡Preparados, listos, YA!

So, Laniña has really come on in her English over the last few weeks, which is great. She has, however, started speaking English to me, which she never used to do. I get up to 70% English perhaps, though she still hangs onto her favourite Spanish words like niños - I don´t think she ever calls them children!

But we did have a wee Spanish breakthrough today: we were playing running up and down, saying Preparados, listos, YA (ready, steady, GO) and she started bossing me, saying who´s turn it was to say the words. And for the first time she got the idea of me/you correct!! Hooray!

(She should, of course, say me toca a mí - it´s my turn; or te toca a tí - it´s your turn. Instead, though, she has had a tendency to use me toca papá, trying to say Daddy´s go. Of course this is because me toca is what I say when it is my go, so she copies that. Logical, really!)

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