Wednesday, 29 October 2008

El alfabeto

This was a tricky one - I really didn't know how we would sort this out at all, and in fact I guess we're still in the middle of it, and may well be for a while yet!

Laniña had been becoming increasingly interested in letters - without any pressure from us, I may add - and has been able to sort of write her name for a good few weeks now. And then there was the alphabet song which she must have picked up from her day nursery: for a while she was singing A B C D S I O with great confidence (very cute) but she seems to have the right version now.

So we got out the big alphabet poster and put it on her door and she likes to find the letter we say - but this is where the trouble arises: not only are the names of the letters different in Spanish, some of them sound like the names of other letters! E and I and A are particularly confusing.

So, what to do? Well, I didn´t really know so out of pure inertia I simply ignored the problem and on only a couple of occasions so far has Laniña made a mistake based on taking the letter from the other language and I´ve just said something like "yes that´s E in English, but in Spanish it´s I" and Laniña just sort of shrugs and gets on with it. So, not so much of a problem after all!

If only all problems went away just by ignoring them!

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