Monday, 24 November 2008

And I can say it in English!

Sometimes I wonder, especially when picking Laniña up from the nursery, do other people think I´m mad. There I am, speaking foreign to a child who is resolutely answering only in English! What on earth, they must think, am I doing?

But then, like today for instance, as soon as we get into the car she´ll say, "Look Estrellas!"

Today she went on to add, "An I can say it in English - it´s STARS!"

So that became a wee game: I would say montaña and she would say "Mountain!" (or whatever)

It only lasted for a few minutes, but left both of us feeling very pleased with ourselves!

Laniña will be 4 soon; she´s not a "balanced" bi-lingual: I don´t think she has a productive ability at the same level in both languages. But, and most importantly, I´m content that her English is fine. She´s not doing too bad. Not too bad at all!


Cody's Cuentos said...

It can be quite a challenge to raise a bilingual child but it can be done. I recommend the book "The Bilingual Edge" by Kendall King and Alison Mackey. It has a lot of practical tips and realistic advice on how to achieve this.

Suerte y ¡ánimo!

rocinante said...

Thanks, Cody. I have a book called A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism, which is very good. (I blogged about it a while ago - you can find it under the label "books" in the left hand column). I always appreciate a new recommendation, though - I'll certainly look into it!

I had a look at your site, too! It's cool!

tim said...

How can I get in touch about advertising on your blogs??

rocinante said...

hi tim, good question. i have changed settings in my profile to enable you to see my email address. i'll leave it like that for a week or so. you can contact me that way. to get to my profile, you should be able to click on my user name (rocinante) at the head of this comment.