Thursday, 19 April 2007

making my mind up

Well, I first heard about one other person who was speaking to their child in a non-native language... and then another... and, while I didn't know these people myself, reports were positive and kids un-messed up!

I tried to practise with the cat, only communicating with him in Spanish. Well, perhaps not communicating... (bit demotivating that, actually. Don´t really recommend it)

And then I just sort of decided to relax about it. The main thing was not to affect Laniña´s English, but there was little fear of that since she would be surrounded by English all the time. All the research suggested that there might be a bit of a delay in her speech development, but hey, it´s not a race. Did I want her to be able to speak Spanish? Yeah, but that wasn´t the most important thing. I´d be really pleased if it worked out with her becoming completely bilingual, but just having a bit of Spanish would also be a good result. Just making things a bit easier for if she wanted to learn it later on. And if I wasn´t enjoying it or if I felt it wasn´t working out... well, I could just stop, couldn´t I?

(still going two and a half years later!)

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